Eco-Tec Group

The Eco-Tec Group of Companies where established to operate and Service the oil and energy industries wordwide.


CNPC is China’s largest oil and gas producer and supplier, as well as one of the world’s major oilfield service providers and a globally reputed contractor in engineering construction. With a presence in almost 70 countries, we are seeking an even greater international role. We provide energy in a profitable manner, and always attach great importance to our social and environmental responsibilities.

Company Profile

To be a world-leading integrated international energy company with the general business portfolio of an international energy corporation and the characteristics of China’s national energy corporation.

Technology and Innovation

As the exploration and development of oil and gas proceed, there are fewer oil and gas resources that are easy to discover and tap, and the produced petroleum is becoming more inferior. To satisfy ever increasing energy demand and meet higher environmental protection standards, our technical innovation is focused on increasing the exploration success ratio of complex oil and gas reservoirs, enhancing the recovery efficiency of mature oilfields, developing unconventional hydrocarbon resources, improving the quality of refined and chemical products, and ensuring clean operation.

We have 76 scientific research institutions with 28,486 scientific research personnel. Our annual R&D investment has exceeded RMB 4 billion in recent years. We have established various long-term partnerships with CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), universities and research organizations. We also continuously enhance technical communication with our international counterparts, jointly facing challenges in the development and utilization of oil and gas as well as environmental protection.


Al-Mothouka Oilfield Services is a supplier of high performance Vertical, Directional and Horizontal Drilling Services to the Oil and Gas exploration and development industry. Al-Mothouka specializes in the delivery of high quality services, coupling the use of reliable directional drilling, Measurements while Drilling (MWD) and Logging while Drilling (LWD) systems, survey systems and drilling tool rentals by internationally experienced personnel with comprehensive maintenance and support engineering departments.

Our Goal is to be a service provider and company which ultimately earns a “Partner of Choice” status by reducing operating cost and risk exposure with all our clients, employees and shareholders.

Al-Mothouka management has over 120 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry including the direct management of drilling services in the Middle East Asia, Africa and the U.S., and bring a proven track record of delivering technical drilling solutions. Al-Mothouka personnel are experienced in all facets of directional drilling and M/LWD including and not limited to: window exits, sidetracking, multi-well horizontal projects, under-balanced drilling and extended directional wells with a comprehensive drilling engineering in-house support.

Our personnel are dedicated and have demonstrated the ability to communicate with our clients relating to all services associated with the projects in a professional manner.

Our Collective aspirations to excel and commitment to Honesty, Integrity and Transparency in our business conduct are the key elements of our business management and our success. Our main operational focus is to “Provide cost effective solutions”.

To achieve the above, we ensure that the company follows the QHSE industry standards, to be able to deliver high quality services time and time again. To this effect we are certified to comply with ISO: 9001, 14001 and 18001.